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VTech Cordless Answering System CS6529-16! It Is a RED Phone!

January 12, 2014

This Digital Answering System has up to 14 minutes of recording time and is set up for Caller ID and Call Waiting. It has the speaker phone function, mute, and quiet mode to silence the ringer. It can also be expanded to up to 5 additional phones by adding the accessory handset kit (CS6509-16). The phone is backlit and is also equipped with ECO mode for battery power conservation.

The design of this phone is small and the base is compact. I like the ringer, the call sound quality is great, and the answering system functions the way it is supposed to. I love the color, and it now has a permanent spot in my kitchen.

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VTech Colored Phones Keep Things Festive

December 31, 2013

One of the things you could buy would be some new phones. Since we get our phone service through our internet we don't plug the phones into the wall jacks. Instead, we have one base unit and several handsets. Anyway, our phones have been on their last legs. One of the handsets barely held a charge, and another one would just cut out for no reason. Then, I found the VTech CS6529-4B.

Even better than the fact that this phone has one base, three handsets, and a built in answering machine on the main base, is the fact that each handset is a different color. In this set you will receive a silver, blue, red, and green handset. The handsets have bold colors and even the keys are the same color as the handset. My sister (who LOVES Christmas has already said that she would love to have handsets in red and green!)

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VTech Cordless Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting

December 30, 2013

Whatever the reason, I am not giving up my land-line and VTech has a great phone to sweeten the deal. The VTech model CS6529-16 Cordless Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting in a cherry red is cheerful, bright and goes well with any decor. What I like about this VTech is its long battery life and how even with its low battery indicator lite, it won’t leave me hanging and still gives me at least 30 minutes of talk time. This cordless phone system has everything you need in a home phone. It has many features besides the Caller ID/Call Waiting options.

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VTech Connect to Cell Cordless Phone

December 22, 2013

Our cellular connection in our house is not good. Most of the time the phone call will drop off when I enter in to the house. I love VTech's solution to this problem. It is the VTech Connect to Cell Cordless Phone. It allows you to make a receive both your landline calls and cell phone calls through this home phone system. We received the DS6511-3 Connect to Cell Cordless Phone and it is fabulous. The sound quality is awesome and the functionality is great.

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The VTech Retro Phone Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

December 12, 2013

VTech Retro Phone is amazing compared to those big, bulky cordless phones that take up tons of counter space. I just love how sleek and attractive it is and how it could fit anyone’s decor. This is such a great conversation piece and people are always drawn to it, wanting to know if it’s a real phone. I am also a fan of the rotary look and think the company did a fantastic job bringing it into a modern look. The phone is very light and sleek, it’s easy to keep at your ear and go hands free as a busy mom often doesn’t have time to keep her hands on a phone. Overall I am very impressed with the design and how they were able to take an old style phone, give it a modern look and still include all of the great features you find in cordless phones. This is simply a must have phone and I highly recommend it!

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Stylish and Sleek: The Vtech Retro Phone

December 8, 2013

I love the sleek design of the Vtech Retro Phone—it is classy and chic, even if it is slightly prone to fingerprints. I opted for a basic shiny black, but the phone also comes in fun colors like ruby red and tangerine. The rotary-style numbers are a fun feature that gives the phone some personality, but the touch buttons are so much easier to use than my grandparents' old rotary phone!

The cordless handset means I can answer calls from anywhere in the house, and I can do everything from the handset, even listening to messages and pulling up old phone numbers. The backlit keypad and LCD screen make it easy to see in dim light, which is great when I'm screening calls during a movie. The phone is also incredibly customizable, including lots of ringtone choices.

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Two Handset Connect-to-Cell Answering System – Review

December 6, 2013

This VTech Connect-to-Cell phone can be paired with up to two Bluetooth mobile phones so that both incoming landline calls and calls on your iPhone can be answered on its handsets. In addition, you can choose to place cellular or a landline calls from these phones.

Accessing your mobile phone via the Connect-to-Cell feature works just fine. The question is: Why would you want to place a cellular call from your “home phone”? It seems to be a solution for which there isn't a real problem. Sure, there are times when your mobile phone is in another room and it's more convenient to answer from the nearest phone, but if you own a mobile phone, chances are that it will be close at hand at all times.

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Holiday Gift Guide-Top For Everyone Gifts

December 19, 2013

This VTech phone features a contemporary retro design that is inspired by the classic corded rotary telephone design. Rotary-inspired keypad, face-down charging, caller ID/call waiting, handset and base speakerphones, backlit display. Fun phone for any home!

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Technology Holiday Gifts - VTech DS6671-3

December 1, 2013

The VTech DS6671-3 uses Connect to Cell technology while providing the freedom of private, hands-free conversations anywhere in your home or office. With DECT 6.0, the cordless headset offers interference-free, superior-quality HD voice, sound and range.

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Technology Holiday Gifts - VTech DS6521-2

December 1, 2013

The VTech DS6521-2 connects to smartphones to make and receive cellular calls with the ease and comfort of a home phone system. For under $60, you can extend your mobile coverage by eliminating dead spots at home, while accessing your mobile contacts from any handset, which pairs seamlessly with your smartphone.

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