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VTech Handsfree phone

April 10, 2012

As a busy mom, I hardly ever answer the phone when it rings. There is always someone needing something. I also don’t talk on the phone unless it is on speaker. I have actually dropped a phone in the sink before trying to juggle multiple things. So I was delighted to try out this phone with a headset. You can use it as a regular phone – but it also has a handsfree option. I was wondering if I would like that. However, I found it to be really easy to set up and super easy to use. Plus I could cook, talk, manage kids and do laundry all at once! And I did not have to pinch up my shoulder to hold it up!

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“V” is for Valentine’s Day and “V”Tech ~ Say ‘I Love You’ All Year Long

February 10, 2012

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you know what that means: time for love notes, flowers and boxes of chocolate. All fine gifts – but nothing says, “I love you” like a personal phone call. The VTech Connect-to-Cell phone system makes it easy to say “I love you” all year long with comfortable handsets that can connect with up to four cellular phones.

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VTech Two Handset Cordless Answering System LS6475-3 Giveaway $99 value!!

February 9, 2012

Go Momma Coupon and VTech have team up to give a lucky reader a VTech Two hand Set Cordless Answering System $99 value!! This phone is much more then just a cordless phone. It has everything imaginable. My favorite feature is the push to talk. So you you can use this as a walkie talkie between the 2 handset. That is awesome I cant even count the time I hear hubby scream down the stairs to me. Another great feature is Blue Tooth Headset. I multitask all day long and my hands are always typing so this feature is a + in my book. This feature is also great for cooking hick most of you know I love to do. Many more feature listed below!!

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Perfect Cordless Phone! The VTech LS6475-3

January 30, 2012

We are busy bees aren't we! I'm not just talking bloggers or moms per say. More and more of us are taking our work home. We have work, kids, home and everyday tasks that need to get done and we need a phone that works as hard as we do! The VTech LS6475-3 was, in my opinion, built for the busy bee.

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IPhone's Siri Isn't the Only Thing Listening to You

January 11, 2012

This cordless handset comes with voice-controlled caller ID, which audibly announces a caller's name and number on all the handsets and base, making it easier to screen calls.

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VTech announces extra incentives for SMB partner program

January 10, 2012

VTech Communications, which manufactures AT&T-branded home and office telephones under a license agreement with AT&T Intellectual Property, has announced additions to its SMB Partner Program by including sales of cordless headsets to qualify for joint marketing fund (JMF) accruals, as well as offering a discount promotion in Q1 of 2012. VTech also has formed an alliance with Marlin Leasing Corporation to offer SMBs flexible payment options for Synapse in the U.S..

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Stress Free in 2012–VTech Giveaway

December 23, 2011

Life can be stressful. It’s hard to find the balance between getting what you need done and making time to enjoy life’s sweet pleasures. I’m not the only one who feels this way, especially during the holidays.

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Need a gift for the guy in your life- we’ve got you covered with a VTech Connect to Cell giveaway!!

December 21, 2011

Congrats to our winner D’vora!! Ask any adult woman about the impact her relationship with her dad had in shaping the woman she’d become and you’ll likely get an earful. The role a father plays in the evolution of his daughter is irrefutable, sacred and impacts her self-esteem, confidence and ultimately how she interacts with the men in her life and the spouse she will choose.

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Holiday Gift Guide: VTech DS6421-3 Connect to Cell Phone (Review)

December 20, 2011

I am a VTech fan and have considered their phones on a number of occasions but the challenge is that we do not have a landline! We’re one of those families that only uses our cell phones so I never had a reason to really consider any of the VTech handsets.

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Winter Wishes - Vtech Handset Connects to Cell Review

December 20, 2011

Thank you for joining us this year for our "Winter Wishes" Gift Guide! We have some great gift ideas to share with you and some awesome prizes to give away!

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