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A few more arms for mom!

November 11, 2013

I run a daycare from my home. This means I have to not only take calls, but lead in the childrens learning at the same time. Most moms are great at doing more than one thing at a time, but it would be nice if we could add a few arms to help juggle the demands of the day. For me specifically, the hardest thing to do is to answer business/client calls while changing diapers/creating art/feeding a baby/ or putting together a puzzle. What would really help would be if I could duplicate my cell so that while one charges, another that preferable has a hands free set, could be near by for me to answer without dropping everything.

Don't you love it when someone else has your same issue and happens to work it out to create a solution? Well VTech seems to have found a way to help me out. VTech first made its market debut in 1976 and since then has become one of the top three competitors for cordless communication in the United States. It is called the DS6670-6C. This is a phone that allows for you to connect not one but two different cell phones to 5 headsets, including a handsfree set which is perfect for my particular issue. Now I can charge my cell and have a handset in each room that we use, plus the hands free set means I won't miss a client call while making lunch, feeding a baby, preparing bottles/sippies, and changing diapers. I can set up both my husband and my number to this system and we can see who is being called. This way when he is out lifting in the garage I don't have to stop the dishes I'm washing, dry my hands, find his phone and run it out to him preferable before the call is missed.

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Why does the phone ring when I'm busy?

November 11, 2013

With three kids, school, and blogging I'm always busy. It just so happens that when I'm the busiest the phone rings and I have to drop everything to pick it up. Well not any more. With the new VTech DS6670-6C that is no longer a problem. Not only does it connect to your cell phone so you only have one phone to look for but it comes with a hands free device that helps you continue talking while still keeping your hands busy.

While cooking, while cleaning, while doing yard work, don't be afraid you'll miss an important call anymore.

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The Cordless Phone for Mom from VTech

November 8, 2013

Now, I mostly use my cell phone at home even though we do have a home phone line. But have you ever tried tucking a cell phone between your ear and shoulder while you also folded laundry or chopped veggies for dinner? Yeah, doesn't work so well, does it? Enter the VTech DS6670-6C, which I think is the perfect phone for any mom who is busy at home all day long.

The DS6670-6C is perfect for the multi-tasking mom with a full house. With five handsets and a headset, mom and her whole family can stay connected throughout the house. The headset makes hand-free communication easy while tending to other work and responsibilities. Oh my goodness – I LOVE this headset! I can't believe I waited this long to get one. I was able to talk to my sister while doing and afternoon pick up of the house without juggling phones and toys at the same time.

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VTech-A Phone for Multi-Tasking Moms

November 11, 2013

I am really excited to tell you about VTech's newest phone. The DS6670-6C is the perfect phone for busy moms who always have so much going on. It has so many features that you'll be blown away! We had an older VTech phone prior to getting this one. We've had it for YEARS. I mean, a very long time. Although it was not as advanced as this newer one, one thing I can say about VTech phones for sure, is that they last. They are quality phones that last a long time. SO when I got this phone in the mail, I was super excited to try it out. It has 5 handsets. FIVE, I tell you! Black and white ones, which I think is perfect, to match ANY room decor, right?

One of the great features of this phone is that it comes with a cordless headset. Perfect! I don't have to hold a phone to my ear while I am busy around the house dealing with supper or kids or whatever else that keeps me busy. This is a great bonus! I can talk hands-free with no problem, anywhere in my house!

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VTech Holiday Gift Basket

November 5, 2013

Now that November is in full swing it is time to start thinking about the holidays. How do you stay in touch with the ones you love? I am not really an email kind of person and calling people from my cell phone doesn't work because I don't have great cell reception. I want to be able to talk to my friends and family any time and want a dependable phone that won't break the bank. The VTech CS6829 is an affordable and dependable cordless phone and answering system.

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Vtech Cordless Phone & Answering Machine Review

November 4, 2013

We got the model CS6829 to review. It's a Cordless Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting.

We toyed with putting it on the wall so that it's out of the way and not taking up space on a table or counter, but then decided we didn't want any additional holes in the wall, so for now, it's in Mike's office on the computer desk, well away from listening ears if someone happened to be home.

I can tell you that the feature I really like is that 50 names and numbers that it can store for me! It gets so hard sometimes to remember every single person's number and with this new phone, my most frequently called numbers will know be much easier to use! Another great aspect is that it can store up to 50 Call Waiting ID's, something that our other phone could not do. I like that I can scroll down and see who called but didn't leave a message.

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Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free

VTech Cordless Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting

October 18, 2013

The VTech Cordless Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting is an ideal option for the budget-conscious style maven, this sleek cordless phone with Digital Answering System makes staying on top of calls a cinch. The easy-to-read Caller ID/Call Waiting and 14 minutes of recording time give you confidence you'll never miss a call. Plus, handset speakerphones mean you can bring more people into the conversation. It's everything you need to stay on top of keeping in touch.

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Today's gadgets more useful, but less stylish

October 18, 2013

Modern technology doesn't have to be dull. This VTech phone sold at Target comes in more lively colors than the average cordless model.

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VTech LS6191-17 Retro Home Phone Unboxing

October 2, 2013


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VTech CS6829 Cordless Telephone And Answering System Review

September 30, 2013

As I use my land line a lot for calls to companies, I find that I'm either navigating automated systems or getting put on hold a lot. The CS6829 handles this with ease through the use of its built-in speakerphone. On hold for 10 minutes and need your hands to stir dinner? Not a problem with this phone. Whether using the handset or the speakerphone, the phone has delivered clear sound, courtesy of its DECT 6.0 digital technology.You remember back in the day when cordless phones first came out and you could get interference from your neighbor's phone? DECT digital technology makes sure that doesn't happen.

The handset has a backlit keyad and display, which you will know is helpful if you've ever tried to make a call in the middle of the night and weren't able to see what buttons you were pressing. The phone has an ECO Mode, which will help conserve power and enable the phone's battery to last longer and perform its best. You can adjust the volume of the phone on the handset. The phone has a quiet mode, which when activated silences the ringer both on the handset and the base.

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