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VTech Connect to Cell Review: Never Miss a Cellphone Call at Home Again

August 21, 2013

The VTech Connect to Cell Phone System with Caller ID uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your cell phone so that you can make and receive calls on a landline, whether you have one connected or not. We use this system to connect our cell phones only and it works great. I continue to be amazed. It’s like I have a landline without paying for one!

Just today, I received a cell call, complete with caller id on the VTech system even while my cell phone was on another floor in the house. I would have missed the call if I didn’t have this phone system.

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VTech Dual Handset Cordless Answering System

August 16, 2013

I have found VTech Dual Handset Cordless Answering System to be the perfect phone for any busy household. With the handset speakerphone, I can use the amazing speakerphone that is on this system with just a touch of the button. Not only does it have a speakerphone, but I find this speakerphone to be one of the clearest ones I have used. And that is for both ends, not only is the caller quality very clear, but I do not have to yell into the phone so that the caller can hear me. It makes having a conversation, well the way it should be, even when I have kids running around and a baby screaming. I love that I can use the speakerphone during those times when I have a baby in one arm, and I am multitasking with the other. Which means that I do not have to worry about missing that phone call. I also get the caller ID feature, which is always a plus, and with the light up keypad and LCD screen, I can see what I am doing, even when I have the lights out to get the house to calm down in the evenings, or for when I have to reach for the phone at night. Oh, and just like the other great phones that I adore from the VTech line of phones, I can add multiple handsets, up to 5! And to top it off, when I am not able to answer the phone or for when I am out, the answering machine has up to 14 minutes of recording time!!!

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Vtech Cordless Answering System Review

August 15, 2013

The Vtech CS6829 Cordless and Answering System is a single handset phone that is convenient to use. It offers a feature-rich phone with Quiet Mode, ECO Mode and DECT 6.0 for the best audio quality! This phone offers cost-conscious consumers a dependable phone with loads of functionality at an affordable price.

With this answering system, you can enjoy a speakerphone that can keep up with your calls, increase participation by allowing both ends to speak and be heard at the same time. This allows for conversations that are true to life. The quiet mode allows one to silence a ringer on the handset and base unit immediately or for an extended period of time.

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Vtech Cordless Retro Phone Review

August 11, 2013

If you are in the market for a new cordless landline phone, I hope you check out Vtech L56195 Retro Cordless Phone.

When a friend of mine came over, she was super excited to see my retro cordless phone, it's very stylish and sleek. I love that the handset charges facing facedown on the base, so while charging and resting it maintains its look.

The rotary style keypad is very cool too, and I like that you can use the buttons on the base of the phone! A few days ago, I barely missed a call from my sister, and when I got to where the base was, to see who called, I could hear the voicemail and the icon on the base said "Screening Call" as I listened, I could hear her leaving me a message! That was very cool! I liked being able to screen my call and just pick it up during the conversation if I wanted to's one of the features I miss by not having an old school answering system, and I was able to tell my phone company to take my voicemail off my phone which was $7.00 a month!

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Get Landline phone features from your cell phone

August 6, 2013

As far as things have come with phones, especially cell phones, why I cannot get a signal in my bedroom is crazy. My house is less than 2,000 square feet, is above ground and does not have 2 foot thick metal walls. Yet, I have to step 5 feet from my bedroom and into the hallway where I will get a clear as a bell signal! If I walk back into my room, my call gets dropped! With the latest technology from VTech and their new Connect to Cell phone system, I can get the features I need in my land line phone from my cell phone. This is definitely worth any cost, but the solution was not that expensive.

Because we are a mobile device family, we have several chargers and cords for each device. Add our landline phones and their bases to that, and you have a lot going on! In order to streamline some of the devices I am using, to get landline phone features from your cell phone would be great. With the Connect to Cell from VTech, I can bypass the landline and get the features I love on my cell. When I want to have a 3-way call with my mom and my oldest, I can use the Connect To Cell. If you are a family that does not even have a landline, this is a great solution for you as well. You can get the landline perks without the actual phone.

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The VTech Connect To Cell Phone System has made my life easier

August 2, 2013

What's so cool about this phone? It pretty much eliminates the need for a landline. Both models connect with up to two cellphones and store up to 200 cellphone directory entries, so mobile calls are accessible from the comfort of a cordless handset. That's right, TWO cellphones. So we are able to sync both our phones to the system. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. If you want, you can even add up to FIVE handsets to the system, to eliminate the dash completely. Brilliant.

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The VTech Connect-to-Cell Phone System

August 2, 2013

I just had the chance to try out the new VTech DS6521-2 Connect-to-Cell phone system, and it seems they've solved many of my problems. On one level, it's a cordless phone system with two handsets, and the main base has a digital answering system built-in. The main base connects to the phone jack in the house, while the supplemental base can be plugged in anywhere else – upstairs, in our case.

But here's where it gets cool. If you have a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, you can link it with the VTech phone system and let your home phone system be an extension of your cell phone. Even cooler, the VTech phone can connect with two cell phones – in our case, Aaron and I can both have our cell phones ring into the home system.

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VTech Connect to Cell

August 2, 2013

The VTech Connect to Cell enhances the cellphone experience in your home! They are a great option for those without a landline or those looking to get rid of theirs. The two available models connect with up to two cellphones and store up to 200 cellphone directory entries, so mobile calls are accessible from the comfort of a cordless handset.

You can add up to five handsets on both models, effectively ending the mad dash to find the cellphone {seriously, I can never find a phone!}. An added benefit for those consumers who like a central home answering machine for landline calls, the DS6521-2 adds a digital answering system with up to 14 minutes of recording time.

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Saving You From The Phone Dash – VTech Connect to Cell

August 1, 2013

We are now using the VTech Connect to Cell. We can have one upstairs and one downstairs. It easily connected to 2 cell phones via bluetooth in record time (seriously, push a button on he main phone base, and turn the bluetooth on our your cell phone). Then they connect. You can see on the phone they are connected because you’ll see the bluetooth symbol and the 1 and/or 2 depending on which phone is connected.

We don’t have any dead zones in our house, but I know a lot people near me do. So you can set your cell phone in a place where you are certain to get service, and then connect it to the VTech Connect to Cell and you now have the same response as having a landline, but without one. If you do have a landline, you can also set it up to the phone as well.

When you receive a call on your cell phone, the VTech Connect to Cell also rings and tells you which phone the call is coming from. You can also sync your contacts so their name shows up as well (only 200). Thus ending your mad dash to find and answer your phone.

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An End to the Dead Spot

July 30, 2013

One of my favorite things about using the VTech Connect to Cell Phone System is that I don’t have to constantly have my phone near me so that I can hear it ring. It is nice to not worry about where it is all the time.

But I also really like that I can talk without worrying about having a cell phone too close to my head all the time. I have a special phone case that is supposed to redirect the radiation, but I figure that you can never be too safe with that.

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