Holiday Gift Guide

Monitor the
garage door
Wireless Monitoring
System with Cordless
Telephone and
Garage Door and
Open/Closed Sensor
Peace of mind is priceless. But you can buy close
friends, relatives or even your own family a system that
monitors what's happening at home. Receive voice
alerts from a cordless answering system when
anything's amiss, like when the garage door is open or
if someone's at the front door.
Live independently
5 Handset CareLine®
Cordless Answering
System with 2 Photo
Speed Dial Cordless
SN6127 + two SN6307 + two SN6107
Loved ones of all ages will appreciate how easy this
CareLine bundle will make staying in touch, long after
the holidays have passed. A handset featuring photo
dials allows for one-touch dialing of important contacts,
while the cordless handsets offer room-to-room
Put safety first
4 Handset CareLine®
Cordless Answering
System with Pendant
and 2 Photo Speed Dial
Cordless Handsets
SN6187 + two SN6307 + one SN6107
Give loved ones more than just a great gift—give them
peace of mind at home. This CareLine system comes
with cordless handsets and a portable pendant so
grandparents and family of all ages will always have a
telephone close at hand while at home. Plus, there are
no monthly monitoring fees, installation costs or
See and hear
little ones
Safe&Sound® Full
Color Video and
Audio Baby Monitor
with Three Cameras
VM311-13 + two VM310-13
Give a new mom what she needs at a price you'll love.
The 2-inch LCD screen makes it easy to keep an eye
on a little one with full-motion, full-color video. Talk to
the baby from any room using the built-in intercom on
the portable parent unit.
Keep up with
the kids
Safe&Sound® Pan
& Tilt Full Color
Video Monitor
with Two Cameras
VM333 + one VM303
Are the kids up to no good? A new parent will
appreciate a pan and tilt video monitor that can keep up
with a child as she moves about her room with. A
parent can remote pan the camera 270 degrees and tilt
it 124 degrees up and down. The camera detects dim
light, providing clear video even in dark rooms.
Know who's
at the door
5 Handset
Answering System
with Audio/Video
IS7121-2 + three IS7101
Help friends and family stay connected and protect their
privacy at home. The IS7121 comes with a video
doorbell so they'll know who's at the door without
having to get up. It's also a great gift for families with
young children.
Connect your
Wireless Monitoring
System Cordless
Telephone with
Open/Closed Sensor
VC7151 + one VC7002
Ditch the cliche massage certificate. Instead, give a
loved one a better way to relax--knowing what's going
on at home. This cordless answering system combines
advanced phone features with wireless monitoring
technology for a whole new way to build and maintain a
connected home. Use the open/closed sensor on a
door, window or drawer, for example.
Connect cell
5 Handset
Connect to Cell™
Answering System
with Cordless
Great for mobile-only households on your shopping list,
this phone brings cellular and landline calls together. A
cordless headset makes hands-free calls easier than
Go retro
2 Handset VTech
Retro Phone with
Connect to Cell™
LS6181-16 + one LS6002-16 +
one LS6002-17
Anyone who appreciates vintage design will love this
retro phone, inspired by classic corded rotary phones.
Even though the design is old-school, the phone's features are far from it. Connect to Cell technology lets
you receive cell and/or landline calls from one home
phone--with or without a landline.