Holiday Gift Guide

Senior friendly

CareLine® Cordless Answering System with Photo Speed Dial Cordless Handset

SN6127 + SN6107 + SN6307

Loved ones of all ages will appreciate how easy this CareLine bundle will make staying in touch, long after the holidays have passed. A handset featuring photo dials allows for one-touch dialing of important contacts, while the cordless handsets offer room-to-room mobility.


Senior friendly

4 Handset CareLine® Cordless Answering System includes 2 Photo Speed Dial Cordless Handsets

SN6187 + two SN6307 + one SN6107

Give loved ones more than just a great gift-give them peace of mind at home. This CareLine system comes with cordless handsets and a portable pendant so grandparents and family of all ages will always have a telephone close at hand while at home. Plus, there are no monthly monitoring fees, installation costs or contracts!


Growing family

Safe&Sound® Full Color Video and Audio Baby Monitor

VM311-13 + two VM310-13

New parents on your list will love the VM311 baby monitor for its easy-to-use video and audio features. The 2-inch color LCD is large enough for parents to quickly see what's going on in the nursery, while still small enough to slip into a pocket.


High tech

5 Handset Answering System with Audio/Video Doorbell

IS7121-2 + three IS7101

Help friends and family stay connected and protect their privacy at home. The IS7121 comes with a video doorbell so they'll know who's at the door without having to get up. It's also a great gift for families with young children.



5 HandsetConnect to CellAnswering System with Cordless Headset


Great for even the mobile-only households on your list, this phone brings cellular and landline calls together, while a cordless headset makes hands-free calls a breeze.


Stylish design

2 Handset VTech Retro Phone withConnect to Cell

LS6181-16 + one LS6002-16

Sleek and full of features, this phone is more than just a stylish stocking stuffer. Connect to Cell technology, downloadable cellular contacts and a digital answering system will also please the techies on your list.