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Baby Monitors Play a Crucial Role to Good Parenting

March 09, 2016

Baby monitors are a great asset and positive investment for any parent experienced or new. We want to do everything we can as a parents to ensure the well being and safety of our children. Because we are naturally loving care providers, we parents make sure to love our little ones are fed when they are hungry, keep them warm & clothed, have regular check ups and safe as can be. This is why baby monitors play a crucial role role to good parenting. They help us to monitor our babies and young children, watching as they grow. I know for any parent, especially new mommy’s and daddy’s, selecting an all-in-one, safe, quality baby monitor that also goes with the home decor, can be a bit over whelming with all the different styles and brands that are available. I’m happy to say those worries are now over! With Vtech, parents don’t need to choose between functionally or design. Vtech’s award-winning baby monitor line features a broad range of products with top-of-the-line features fit for every parenting style. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to share with you today The Vtech Safe&Sound VM344 Baby Monitor!!

Baby Monitors Play A Crucial Role To Good Parenting.

  1. They Help to keep baby safe-There are many potential dangers to be on the look out for when it comes to our kids. Baby monitors are the perfect source for watching babies especially if they are special needs, premature and while they are sleeping. They are also a great source for watching toddlers as well. With the use of a baby monitor you are able to see baby/toddlers 24-7 keeping them safer than you having to run back and forth to the room every 5 seconds to check on them.
  2. The ability to watch baby from wherever you are-With a high quality monitor like the Vtech VM344, you can now hear and watch your baby up to 1000 feet away! This is fabulous, say your out in the garden and baby is sleeping inside the home, you will be alerted and able to see baby right from in the backyard or where ever your garden is! Also, you can keep an eye on those tots as they play, making sure they are not creating mischief.
  3. Peace of mind-This is crucial for all us parents! Having a baby monitor is like having eyes in the back of your head, they allow you know what’s going on in real motion time circumstances. Wherever you go around your home, having the ability to check up on your baby by watching & listening to make sure they are alright is a great sense of relief.
  4. Your sleep-Is absolutely necessary! As a parent getting enough sleep is not an easy thing to do with a baby or a sick toddler. Without enough sleep we become, irritable, unpleasant, no help at all to our significant other and importantly our children! Having a baby monitor will allow you to feel more at ease closing both eyes while you sleep knowing you can watch and hear the kiddos all night long. A well rested parent is a good parent!!

Vtech company recently announced they have expanded their award-winning Safe&Sound baby monitor line with the addition of two new models, This Vtech Safe&Sound VM344 & The Vtech Safe&Sound DM271-110, both equipped with all the features today’s modern parents love. The newest video monitor, the Vtech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera and Zoom has a fun owl-shaped camera design, making it easy to incorporate into baby’s room, while adding to the nursery décor. This awesome new Vtech’ Safe&Sound Digital Video Baby Monitor also has Automatic Night Vision making it simply amazing and super cute!


The High resolution, 4.3-inch color LCD screen for the VM344 Safe&Sound is crisp and clear. It’s also designed to provide parents with up to 1,000 feet of range, Full-motion video and Talk-back intercom. So not only can you see baby with clarity and full color, you can communicate with your precious bundle too! The Vtech Safe&Sound VM344 Video Baby Monitor comes totally equipped with a Wall-mount bracket, two charging cords, a built in stand and a Rechargeable battery with low-battery alert on the parent unit.


I get so much comfort knowing I can actually watch my babies from another room or while I’m out in the backyard working on my garden.The VM344 camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 120 degrees up and down. I think using the Owl character for this new unit was ingenious! Not only does it look adorable but it fits the whole pan tilt, up & down personality perfectly. Another fabulous feature for the Vtech VM344 Safe&Sound is, it can support up to 4 baby units (uses VM314 camera) with multiple viewing options; single view, split-screen view and patrol mode, as well as Sound and motion activation mode. I adore the sleek design and how easily accessible the volume control is on the unit.

Night time has always been a concern for me with my babies. This is where parents are both super tired, trying to sleep with one eye open. The Automatic infrared night vision on the Vtech VM344 Safe&Sound is remarkable! You can see baby at night, making for a more restful sleep knowing baby is comfortable and safe! Okay, what parent wouldn’t enjoy some type of an alert on their baby monitoring unit that will quickly grab their attention? Well the Vtech VM344 has it, that’s right parents, it’s designed with Vibrating Sound that will gently let you know when baby needs you, loving this!! But that’s not all, for your convenience this bad boy also has a Temperature sensor and a 9-level sound indicator. You just can’t ask for anything better than this for a baby monitor!

In summary, the Vtech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera is wonderful for babies. It’s also great for watching over our toddlers as they move about with Vtech’s new Pan & Tilt Digital Video Baby Monitor. I love this, I can watch if my three year old decides to sneak into the nursery and take a peak at newborn baby James. And to mention thismonitor is a stylish addition to any children’s room or nursery with a fun, modern camera design in the shape of an adorable owl. Talk about super safe, the VM344 also features digital transmission, to reduce the risk of eavesdropping while cutting down on background noise. Remote pan, tilt and zoom lets parents scan baby’s room right from the parent unit and thanks to the automatic night vision, we parents can see our precious bundles without disruption, even when it’s dark. The VM344 can expand up to four total cameras so parents can keep an eye on more than one child or room at the same time. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review of the Vtech Safe&Sound® VM344 Video Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera. They are now available at most Target stores nationwide and online at Target.com with a list Price of only $199.95! This wonderful Vtech baby monitor is also available with two cameras (VM344-2 MRSP: $259.95) at Babies R Us stores nationwide and at babiesrus.com.

For more information on any one of the fine Vtech baby monitor line, simply visit www.vtechphones.com/baby-monitors!

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Originally published on 2016-03-09 by Becky Schollian at //www.jennsblahblahblog.com/baby-monitors-play-crucial-role-good-parenting/ .