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Dads don’t want ties–They want GADGETS !!!!

May 18, 2012

VTech’s new Connect to Cell phone (DS6521-2) is perfect for the dad who juggles work calls and personal calls at home.  It combines mobile and landline calls into one easy-to-use home phone system. Dad no longer has to miss calls because of a misplaced cell phone or bad cell reception.  This home phone system lets dad answer landline and cell phone calls using BLUETOOTH wireless technology, delivering better sound quality and fewer dropped calls when mobile users are at home. An ideal choice for people who rely on their mobile phones but want better communication at home, VTech’s new one-button pairing feature makes setup a cinch for first-time users. Even consumers without landline phone service can use the system to improve their cellular calls and make outbound calls using cellular minutes while at home, with the convenience and comfort of a cordless handset. This system can register up to two BLUETOOTH wireless technology-enabled cell phones and offers the ability to expand up to five handsets (DS6501, MSRP: $19.95). This phone also features a digital answering system, Eco Mode operation, access to a 200-name cell phone directory and silent ringer options.  The cost is $59.95 and it is available at www.vtechphones.com

Originally published on 2012-05-18 by Steve at Steve's Blog .