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Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Technology gadgets for everyone on your list

December 13, 2013

Technology has become the fastest growing “Must Have” on everyone’s list and finding the right gifts can be a challenge. Not any more. These will make anyone on your list smile.

For the traveler who wants to be fashionable as well as not carry tons of documents that are too cumbersome, why not give a “lighter gift”. A USB stick leather bracelet is fashionable, unisex and will assure you that your USB won’t get lost, fall out of your pocket or left somewhere.

Are you addicted to Instagram or know a couple that is? Why not have some of their best photographs created into Coastermatic coasters? This is such a great gift and will help keep the watermarks off their coffee table. This is the perfect dual-purpose gift.

For the writer in your lift and yes people are going back to pen and paper but today, you need one that has multiple purpose. The Livescribe Smartpen is simply amazing because it captures sound, so you can record conversations or business meetings, and it automatically digitizes everything you write. It uses Wi-Fi while working with Evernote, to collect both spoken and written information. No more lost information.

Jawbone has become famous for its little yet high quality Bluetooth mobile phone headsets. Recently they’ve been branching out into other products and their wireless audio system called the Big Jamboxwill connect with your devices or computer or even serve as a speakerphone. It's cool and fashionable.

While some people walk around with their mobile phones at home, a lot of people are usually charging it in one room while being in another. VTech has made receiving cell calls easy with the comfort of a home telephones system, so your not racing to catch the call before the last ring. VTech DS6521-2 Connect to Cell cordless Bluetooth telephone allows you to connect your cell phone to the phone system. Genius! Their cordless Bluetooth phones are the perfect solution for cellular only households where land-line service is not required. If you do have a land-line, then The VTech LS6475-3 is the chic alternative for those who need an extra hand. It comes with a cool cordless headset built into the base, enabling you to be on a call while accomplishing other things. This type of land-line phone came in handy when mobile phones died and you still needed to be in contact with your family and friends during Hurricane Sandy. Guess in a lot of ways, VTech could be a life saver.

For the man (or woman) that you know is a “gamer”, they may be reduced to their inner teen if you give them the GameKlipThis game controller is clipped to your mobile phone and creates a mini-PlayStation console right on your mobile phone. If they really like some “old games”, but still want to be cool using new technology, tell hem to download Atari's Greatest Hits. It's an app for Apple or Android that gives you a smartphone version of those oldies and goodies.

Do you remember the “boomboxes” of the 80’s? They were so big they would break your back because they were so heavy, but oh what music came out of them. You can’t “sling your smartphone over your shoulder” it just doesn’t look or sound the same until now. If you want a portable player and you want to look cool carting it around, go for the Bag of Riddim Portable Audio System. This hip, Eco-friendly system doubles as a messenger bag and will have people wondering where the big speakers are.

If you have someone on your list who loves to workout or an avid runner, the Jaybird Freedom headphones will be their favorite gift. They come with a lifetime warranty against sweat-related damage, and are guaranteed to stay secure in your ears no matter how vigorous the exercise.

No matter what you choose for your tech lover or tech-loving couple you will be a hero. Happy Holidays!

Originally published on 2013-12-13 by Lisa Barr at Examiner .