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Holiday Gift Media Event showcased two great phones for the holidays

October 25, 2011

A couple of great new cordless phones perfect for holiday gifting
A couple of great new cordless phones perfect for holiday gifting
ATT and Vtech

The holidays are right around the corner, so that means it's time for thinking about what great new gifts for family, friends and all your loved ones would want and appreciate! Aside from cell phones, cordless phones are also in high demand, especially at home and at work. Below are two great new cordless phones, that were showcased at The Holiday Gift Guide Media Event held at the NY Marriot Marquis, hosted by Nicole Vance of New Product Events, which make wonderful gifts this year:

A great new phone by ATT, Model# TL92271 is a dual handset connect to cell answering system with caller id and call waiting. This is one of the best cordless phones ever, because it's so handy whether you have a cell phone, a landline, or both! This phone comes with a base with an integrated digital answering machine and two cordless handsets with monochrome LCDs. When a cell phone is paired with the system via bluetooth, incoming cell calls are automatically transferred to this awesome phone system! The handsets can make outgoing calls using either the cell phone connection or your landline connection. Once a cell is paired with the base station, it will automatically work with all the other handsets in the system, and the pairing need be performed just once. Then the phones will re-pair as soon as they come within range of the base station. The system is based on the DECT 6.0 standard and operates on the 1.9GHz frequency band, so it won’t interfere with Wi-Fi network. This makes a great gift for anyone who is a multi-tasker and for someone who experiences substandard cell service in their area, because this phone system allows for incoming cell calls to be picked up by the wireless handset! As a result, no more dropped cell phone calls. To buy this and/or to check out other ATT phones, visitwww.telephones.att.com.

Another awesome cordless phone that is high quality and easy to use is the VTech DS6421-3 cordless phone, which has two extra handsets. This wonderful cordless phone is perfect for a house with two or more floors and 3 or more bedrooms, because it enables users to pair up to four cell phones and two devices activily connected! That means, cellular calls can be made or received from either of these two active cell phones! Nowadays, so many people bypass landline phones and operate in cellular-only households, so landline service is not required any more. Thanks to the VTech DS6421-3, it's more convenient and trouble-free to link to cell phones. The bluetooth capability on this phone is outstanding, because it's so easy to set up and the reception is pretty awesome too. Now there's definitely no need to pay extra money for a landline, because cell phones can easily be hooked up to this great VTech DS6421 cordless phone. The initial setup is fast and easy, and the cell phones automatically link up as soon as users walk into the house! Also the base can sit on a flat surface or mounted on a wall, for those who need extra space for other things around the house. For those with a large house, this comes with a handset locator, which is very handy. The voice announcing caller and calls are very clear, and messages can be easily retrieved from any of the handsets. For more information on this and other VTech phones, visitwww.vtechphones.com.

Originally published on 2011-10-25 by Bevs Lim Lee at Examiner .