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Make The Call: Maximize your home phone with VTech

July 28, 2013




There are many things I like about my iPhone.  I don’t think I am far from it most hours of day – I even have it next to my nightstand. Sad, but true!  Last year, my husband and I decided to stop using our landline since we had the iPhones, but I never felt comfortable without having a phone-phone.  Plus, there have been many-a-time that I forgot to charge it and wished I had another phone to use.  It has been extremely frustrating when the phone would go dead while on an important call and I would sit there waiting while my iPhone recharged hoping the person would be available when I called back a few minutes later.  Argh!  So when VTech asked if I wanted to try out their new phone system, I was relieved to have a new phone system in the house!  I really like the way the system looks and all of the convenient additions are pretty cool such as the ability to download your Cell Phone Directory and can store up to 200 directories from  two different cell phones


With VTech’s Connect to Cell phone, you can pair your cell phone to the system for optimal signal and convenience with two handsets. The system can work through your cell carrier (without a landline service) or in conjunction with the service.  This is very convenient in case you don’t want to use a landline.
With VTech’s Connect to Cell phone system you can enjoy the ease and functionality of your cell phone with the quality and security of a landline. Now you don’t have to worry about cell phone dead spots in the home, dropped calls, or even a missed call because you can’t locate your mobile.  This has happened to me too many times and glad that we have this new VTech system in the house so this won’t happen anymore.  Unless of course, I want it to go to voicemail after seeing who is calling.  Isn’t it nice to see who is calling through!



  The many features of the Connect to Cell Phone System:

* Make and Receive Landline and Cellular Calls Connect to BLUETOOTH® wireless technology-enabled cellular phones to make and receive cellular calls with the ease and comfort of a home phone system. Avoid the mad dash to catch a cellular call before it goes to voicemail.
* Eliminate Cell Phone Dead Spots at Home Just place the base unit where cellular reception is best. Then enjoy the freedom to make and receive cell calls using your cordless handsets anywhere in your home.
* Download and Store Your Cell Phone Directory Store 200 directories from up to two different cell phones; no need to input names and numbers into your phone.

    The ways Connect to Cell Phone System helps you:

• No more dropped calls in the home because you can place your cell where it gets the best service in your home, and take the landline with you from there.

• Don’t have to worry about missing a call because you can’t hear your mobile phone or because it’s at the bottom of your purse. It will ring through the home phone system!
• Keep your cell phone directory on your cordless phone system • Handset speakerphone helps you accomplish other tasks while carrying on the conversation.




If you are in need of a new phone system I would check out VTech’s  Connect to Cell phone system.   Check out their stylish phone system’s here which I think are very reasonably priced! http://vtech.linqiad.com/click/YMxXaGVndnJk


Thanks to VTech for sponsoring today’s discussion.  All opinions are my own!



Originally published on 2013-07-28 by Mellisa at Dandelion Moms .