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Minimizing the Risk of Cell Phone Radiation with a Headset

November 11, 2013

This post brought to you by VTech Communications. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a busy work-at-home mom and blogger, I am use my phone a lot–a lot more than I prefer, really. I am not one for basic phone chit-chat, but I do have a pretty lengthy phone call with my mentor each week, and I also speak on the phone to my mom several times per day.

Since I am a mother to three very young girls–age 5, 3 and 1–it is very helpful to have a hands-free phone. I recently started using the new DS6670-6C hands-free phone from  VTech, and I’ve found it to be very helpful for multi-tasking!

Instead of balancing the phone on between my ear and my shoulder and the baby on one hip while cooking, I can now more safely cook with at least one of my hands totally free. ;) (And it definitely helps my neck to get fewer crinks in it!!)

Not only this, but I am excited that VTech’s DS6670-6C hands-free phone is actually compatible with cell phones! There is a button to switch on the cell phone component, so you can use the technology to go hands-free with a cell phone as well!

I am often apt to leave my cell phone in one room and miss many calls as I move from room-to-room during the day. WIth the DS6670-6C hands-free headset, I don’t have to miss those calls–and make my friends and family so much happier because of it.

I have often wondered about the dangers of too much cell phone radiation. In fact, I did a little research on this and found out that using a hands-free headset is actually one of the recommendations for minimizing cell phone radiation from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

The EWG also recommends texting more than talking, holding your phone away from your body and using the speaker component instead (which isn’t even necessary while using the DS6670-6C), talking when you have the greatest cell phone reception and not storing your cell phone in your pocket (source).

Interested in trying a VTech DS6670-6C phone? You can get one EXCLUSIVELY online at www.vtechphones.com. My husband and I actually just love the phones period–even without the headset component!

For our home phone service, we use and love Ooma. We have used them for nearly five years now, and we do not have a home phone bill because of it! Our home phone is a voice-over-internet phone. We have used VTech phones for the Ooma system for years, and making the switch to the DS6670-6C has been seamless.

Do you have use a hands-free phone? What are your tips for hands-free multi-tasking? How do you personally reduce cell phone radiation in your home?

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Originally published on 2013-11-11 by Erin at The Humbled Homemaker .