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My Review on VTech Two Handset Cordless Answering System

August 27, 2012

VTech Two Handset Cordless Answering System
Digital Answering System
DECT 6.0 Cordless Headset
2 Handset system that requires only one phone jack
Instructions comes in English & Spanish

Voice Announce Caller ID  announces the name or number 

HD Audio the phone has clear sound

Multiple Headset 
3 different sized over the ear hooks and over the head band, also included four different sized ear buds to ensure a comfortable fit for all size of ears

Digital Answering System 
14 minutes of recording time has a large backlit message counter alerting you of the message of the number of message you have 

Push Talk
Use as a multiple handset walkie talkie system


I was provided this great opportunity to review VTech two handset cordless answering system LS64753 i love it the color is so pretty its so high tech i threw out my old phone and im so amazed with this phone it has different ringer tones with such cute melodies and also the bluetooth i take it out of the phone and when i go to put it back it automatic snaps back on it has a magnetic to it i love it. The phone has so many features and what i love about it is that it came with 3 different size ear hooks and a over the head band which is awesome i get to choose which size i want to use for ear hooks, the sound is HD and back of the phone it has a HD sign when someone calls me the answering machine tells me a voice comes out stating the number of name of who called me.VTech phone is very simple easy to understand and use i automatically knew how to work and use it for me their was no need to read instructions it has a menu button on the right hand side of the phone and i got all my info there all that i need to know was right there so easy its a 1,2,3 step. My phone has a volume up and down on the bluetooth which is perfect for when im outside of my back porch i can use the up and down button and it also has a turn on and shut off for when im finished with a call or when someone calls me i click the button and i talk. Im very pleased to review VTech phone its one of the best phones i had ever used i love it. If you like to leave a comment about VTech phone i had reviewed please leave  a comment below i love hearing from my viewers also if you like to take a look at VTech website here's the links 

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Originally published on 2012-08-27 by Daisy at Daisy's Reviews Blog .