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My Shiny New Phone System

November 09, 2011

Everyone seems to be giving up their land lines, but I just don’t seem to be able to do that.  I’m on the phone far too often for too long (sometimes over three hours a day!) to gobble up all my minutes allowed on my cell phone plan.  I switched my land line to my internet/TV provider to save some money, but my phones were really old and really beat up.  Also, the new phone company charges extra for voice mail, so my sorry excuse of a home phone would just ring and ring and ring.  That’s a little bit of a problem when my children are enrolled in virtual classes and their teachers call sporadically to check in with them.  I would wind up scrolling through the caller ID multiple times a day to see who I’d missed. Yeah.  Not really the most advanced set up and for someone who prides themselves on the advanced technology in her life, it was a little embarrassing. So, when I received this opportunity to review the  VTech LS6475-3 Multitasking phone system, I was so excited!

I got the package and unwrapped all pieces, set it up and plugged it in – the directions recommend allowing it to charge for 10 hours and I’ve learned the hard way to pay attention to charging instructions.  When it was ready to go, I unplugged my old system and connected the new one to the phone line. I started playing with the settings and set up the voice mail and it was all so simple, but I was really surprised at the clarity when I’m on a call. It was absolutely crystal clear.

Another really neat feature is that ability to have the caller ID announced verbally – no more looking for a handset to see who’s calling, it just announces the caller ID.  If the caller is already in your phone book, it over rides the caller ID and announces your phone book listing.  The kids and I are having a load of fun with that, coming up with silly nicknames for everyone in my phone directory.  Now, every time the phone rings and it’s someone we know, we all giggle. Yes, we’re quite silly.

We’ve now been using the phones for about a week and I’m very pleased.  Making holiday calls this year will be an absolute pleasure.

Did you know?

In a new survey conducted by independent market research firm Toluna on behalf of leading U.S. cordless phone manufacturer, VTech® Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of VTech Holdings Ltd. (HKSE: 303), 45 percent of respondents said a phone call to catch up is the best present a distant friend or family member could give them during the holiday season. In fact, a phone call outpaced gifts under the tree, holiday cards and emails.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of VTech and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

Originally published on 2011-11-09 by Christine at Color Me Pink .