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Review: Finally, a Phone for Crafters and Cooks!

June 14, 2012

Finally, a Phone for Crafters and Cooks!As someone who divides her work time among the kitchen, the craft room and the office, you can imagine that my hands are always busy. Holding a telephone in one hand, or worse, leaning it on my shoulder forming an aching kink in my neck is not something I enjoy. Speaker phone isn’t always an option either, especially if there are other people in the vicinity that you don’t want to disturb with the likes of your conversation.

Therefore, I either avoid the phone all together while I’m working, or I end up being unproductive while I take a phone call. I was recently given the opportunity to try the VTech LS6475-3 cordless phone system with a built-in headset. A headset on my landline! Brilliant! Having my hands free means I’m able to carry on conversations and still keep cooking, baking, crafting and working.

I’ve been using it for several weeks now and am really happy with it. In fact, sometimes I forget I have the headset on, it’s just that comfortable. When it needs charging, I just put the headset right on the base unit, it has its own designated charging area.

Something that I find ideal for my situation is that my land line works well throughout my house, where my cell phone has trouble with reception in the basement. My craft room is in the basement, so when I’m crafting I simply can’t be on my cell phone, or I have to stop crafting and go upstairs to take a call. Having the headset on my land line is a perfect solution for someone like me! I’m always moving around, whether it be in the kitchen mixing up cake batter, down in the craft room painting and gluing, or doing household chores and checking email. I’m up and down the stairs all day long, so having the headset also solves the “where’s the phone?” question that often plagues me!

This phone retails for $99.95, comes with 2 hand held phones, the headset, main base unit with built in answering machine, and an additional charging station for the second handset. I paid over $80.00 for my previous landline 2-unit phones, and there’s no headset on that.

As V-Tech says “This hands-free calling experience is ideal for busy households with hectic schedules or working professionals in need of a home office solution that enables mobility around the house.” I couldn’t agree more.

VTech has a complete line of home telephone products. You can find the best phone to fit your household or home office needs by visiting VTech’s best sellers and latest deals atwww.vtechphones.com. Also, find VTech phones on Facebook and on Twitter.

Originally published on 2012-06-14 by Amanda Formaro at Home and Garden .