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Say hello to Justin, Honorary Jr. Product Specialist for VTech Phones!

May 30, 2016

Say hello to Justin, Honorary Jr. Product Specialist for VTech Phones!


We’re thrilled to announce the addition of a very special member to the VTech team: Justin Kilgore, our first and only Honorary Jr. Product Specialist! Justin is a sweet, funny boy from Missouri whose favorite foods are cheese pizza and crackers with American cheese slices. He loves Johnny Cash, his cat, and lucky for us, VTech phones.


At just 6 years old, Justin can explain the benefits of a small business product versus residential products, the difference between standard wall jacks and hybrid services like DSL and Comcast Voice, and all the major components of a VTech phone. He’s learned more about VTech products in just a few short years than most people learn about a single product in a lifetime.


Take for instance his expertise on the UP416. As his favorite VTech product, he can help you set it up in minutes. “It is easy to put together,” he says. “I like to watch the videos about the UP416 … It has a great battery.”


When he’s not doing impromptu product trainings, (if you don’t happen to have a VTech phone handy, no problem—just let him check his bookbag. He usually carries at least two with him at all times) Justin is dreaming big. Someday, he hopes to be a phone inventor.


“I would invent a robot phone that would dial itself. It would feed you your food, and it would do stuff for my mom,” he said. With the knowledge he has and the incredible ideas he’s shared, it’s clear he’s well on his way.


Justin first captured our hearts earlier this year with a single Facebook post. Every fan message is special, but what made his especially moving is the story behind it. Justin also happens to have Tourette Syndrome, and if you ask him about it, he'll tell you that having Tourette Syndrome may make him a little different, but everyone is different, and he won't let a few challenges stop him.


His post is proof of that. With a little help from Mom, Justin reached out to us when, during a bad day, he decided being a VTech DECT 6.0 phone would make him feel better (as long as he could be handset number 1, of course!). He made himself a “handset” shirt, placed each button exactly where it goes, and was so proud of the finished product, he wanted a "real VTech guy" to see it.


When our team members did see it, we were more than impressed. We were touched. Ray Richardson, VTech’s senior manager of customer service, had the pleasure of speaking with Justin on a few occasions.


“Each conversation I had with the little guy brought a bright spot to my day. His ability to express his feelings, thoughts, and ideas with such enthusiasm was impressive. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be a part of something so special. Justin is one-of-a-kind, and a result and reflection of parental efforts to support his interests and leverage them as a vehicle for personal development and growth.”


Welcome to the team, Justin!



May 15-June 15 is Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month. To find out more about the disorder or how you can get involved, visit tourette.org.*


*VTech Communications is in no way affiliated with the Tourette Association of America.