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Talking and Scrapping

June 29, 2012

I'm a multi-tasker. I can't just watch TV. I have to fold the laundry at the same time or flip through a magazine during commercials. In college I couldn't just IM someone on my computer. I had to be IMing and searching the internet and listening to music and watching TV and doing homework all at once. And I can't just scrapbook. I have to have a movie or music playing in the background. I also can't just talk on the phone. I'm either talking and pacing or talking and emptying the dishwasher or talking and scrapbooking. But talking and scrapbooking is kind of hard when you've got the phone wedged between your shoulder and chin and you're trying to cut paper or something. So when I was asked if I'd like to review the new VTech LS6475 model phone, I said YES PLEASE.

This is the main headset base. Pretty snazzy, huh?

The VTech LS6475 is a cordless phone system with a built-in headset. This means that both of your hands are free to work on projects while you're talking with friends or family members on the phone. The headset is mounted on the base station when not in use, but first you have to attach the head clip (like a headband) to the ear piece. I had some trouble doing this. You really have to use a lot of force in order to snap the two together. But once I got it attached and on my head, I didn't have any problems hearing the person on the other line, and they didn't have any problems hearing me. It was a very clear connection.  It was also comfortable to wear. The headset didn't move around on my head or pinch at the temples or anything. I had both hands free and it was great! No more awkwardly cradling the phone between my head and shoulder.

The phones are easy to set up when you follow the instructions in the manual. Set-up is pretty similar to other cordless phones I've set up before. There are two phones that come together: one is the base station that needs to be plugged into a phone jack and electrical outlet, and the other receives a signal from the base station and only needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The phones have to charge about 10 hours before the first use.
See? Wearing the headset means I have two hands
free to take my picture and wave!
Aside from the built-in headset, the phones have some other cool features, such as Voice Announce Caller ID. No more running to the phone to read what the screen says. The phone tells you! It's actually kind of creepy, especially when someone is calling from a cell phone not in your area code. The Voice Announce lady just calls out the person's phone number. "Call from wireless 201...."

The phones also have a push-to-talk feature, turning them into walkie talkies so you can communicate with other people in your house. Of course, you'd have to set up a phone in every room in which someone could possibly be, so you'd have to purchase more phones, but an extra phone is only $19.95.

And what is a phone these days without an answering machine? The VTech LS6475 features a digital answering machine, but you can turn it off if you wish to use your phone company's voicemail service.

The VTech LS6475 retails for about $99.95, but I did see it online at Walmart for cheaper.

Disclaimer: I was provided the VTech LS6475 free of charge for my honest review.

Originally published on 2012-06-29 by Laurie Leahey at Cook Scrap Craft .