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Technology and the Fashionista : Holiday gifting 2012

December 12, 2012

Vtech Connect to Cell

This phone by VTech is made for the busy person who has horrible cell service a home. We used it in the office since most of our time is spent there and cell service was virtually non existent.

V-Tech’s Connect to Cell $79.90

Here is what our tester Rebecca discovered “Overall, the sound quality and range of operation is excellent. We can walk all through the theatre without losing the signal. The phone is better suited for a home environment than a business environment, as we are unable to pick-up any line except Line 1 and cannot hold/switch to other lines. Also, you must pick-up the line while it is ringing. We are unable to pick-up the call once it has been picked up by another phone and placed on hold. In other words, it is perfect for a home environment with one line, but is not suited for a business environment with multiple phone lines and extensions.” She then added “We have been able to use it despite the drawbacks mentioned above”

Evaluation: Great for the home or one-two  person office.

Originally published on 2012-12-12 by Admin at Pretty City .