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Three Handset Connect to Cell Answering System with Caller ID

November 30, 2011

No more mad dashes for the misplaced cell phone at home! The VTech DS6421-3

phone system merges cellular and landline technology and comes with three handsets, Connect to Cell technology, a digital answering system and handset speakerphones. With Connect to Cell, you can make and receive cell phone calls with the comfort of your VTech cordless handset.. DECT 6.0 Digital technology delivers long range and also prevents wireless networks and other electronic devices from interfering with conversations.

Thanks to HD Audio, you’ll enjoy fuller and clearer sound too. Digital security ensures your calls are digitized and encrypted, making it nearly impossible for someone to eavesdrop. Plus, Push-to-Talk intercom, call-transfer and conference capabilities streamline in-home communication, eliminating disruptive shouting through the home. With 14 minutes of recording time, the digital answering system answers calls when you can’t. The VTech DS6421-3 can expand up to 12 handsets using only one phone jack.

Originally published on 2011-11-30 by Consumer Tech at Digital Familly & Advisor .