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VTech Audio Video Doorbell System IS7121-2 review

October 30, 2013

The VTech Audio Video Doorbell System (model IS7121-2) is a base and handset DECT 6 phone system for your house with additional camera doorbell that includes night vision ability.


The vtech Audio VIdeo Doorbell Systems (model IS7121-2) set comes with a base unit that has a built in answering machine, two handsets with walkie-talkie mode and the video doorbell. Each handset has a 1.8" video screen that connect to the video doorbell. The doorbell works in both daylight and has infrared night vision capabilities for low light conditions.

The doorbell video system takes a picture immediately when someone pushes the button showing you this image on the phones. You can choose to enable audio to talk to the person at the camera or you can just view. The doorbell, when powered with the included AC cord, can be enabled anytime. When running the camera doorbell in battery mode it is only operational when someone rings the bell. It does take a few too many clicks to view the picture of missed people at the door.

You can customize the rings for the phone and doorbell and also expand the vtech Audio VIdeo Doorbell Systems (model IS7121-2) system up to 10 handsets. The built in answering machine can store up to 14 minutes of recording and performed well. There is also the ability to enable audible caller id.


The phones on the vtech Audio VIdeo Doorbell Systems (model IS7121-2) system were light and held their charge in standby for days. Batteries for the handsets and doorbell were included. The system supports two phone lines and did have speaker ability.

Originally published on 2013-10-30 by IdoNotes at Spiked Studio .