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VTech Careline Review - Peace of Mind for Aging Parents & Grandparents

November 11, 2014

When I was asked to review the VTech CareLine phone like most hear the name VTech made me think of educational toys and chiming and ringing toys for our kids. VTech also manufacturers very useful line of communication devices? VTech makes phones for home, business, and even hotels. One of those phones is the CareLine series.



The VTech CareLine is geared towards seniors and older individuals who may need a little help with phone usage. The CareLine includes large, clear number buttons, and large one-touch quick dial photo buttons. This is great because one of the common complaints of senior users is that phones are complicated, and that the buttons are too small. With the CareLine, you do not have to worry about that.


The screen even tilts up to allow easy viewing from bed.


The cordless handset also has large, clear number buttons.


Included in the kit are a corded handset, cordless handset and base, safety pendant charging base, and needed cords and accessories.


  • Portable Safety Pendant: The safety pendant can be worn around your neck or clipped to your waistband for easy access. It allows the user to answer the phone, or make an emergency call at the touch of a button.
  • No monthly monitoring fees: Unlike other safety pendants that require signing up for monitoring services, there are no expensive monthly fees.
  • Quick call for help: One-button or voice-activated dialing—no third parties required.
  • Voice Announce Caller ID: Voice announced Caller ID makes it easy to know who’s calling, even if you cannot get to the phone.
  • Audio Assist Volume Boost: Audio Assist can boost the volume of calls so that you can hear it more clearly.
  • Photo Dial: Photo Dial lets you store 4 frequently called phone numbers

As you can see this phone has many great features. I especially like that along with the ringer, and voice announcement, there is also a bright flashing light at the top of the handset. This can help get the attention of those that may not have the best hearing when the phone is ringing. Or it means that you can keep the ringing volume lower and still know the the phone is ringing.

The Safety Pendant is a great feature. It can be worn around the neck, or on a clip. The pendant not only allows the user to make calls in emergencies, but also to answer incoming calls and adjust the volume.


There is a button on the side to make voice calls. 


I am looking forward to hooking the VTech CareLine phone up at my mother’s house asap. I swear every time I talk to her on phone she is putting me on hold and saying something like “Hang on… can you hear me? My phone is acting up.” LOL! It sounds like it is definitely time for a new phone. And I know that the voice announce caller ID will be extremely useful for her. Plus the added security of the Safety Pendant means that if something happens (God forbid) she has quick access to call for help.

If there are seniors that you care about who may need some extra security and peace of mind at home, check out the VTech CareLine™ Corded/Cordless Answering System with Pendant. This model is available for $119.95.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by VTech and Mom It Forward. All opinions are my own.

Originally published on 2014-09-14 by Kris Cane at Little Tech Girl .