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VTech Connect to Cell Review: Never Miss a Cellphone Call at Home Again

August 21, 2013

We dropped our landline years ago in an effort to pare down on our spending after my husband became unemployed. He has been back to work for some time now, but we are in no hurry to add a landline to our monthly expenses because there is no need to. We are a two cell phone household and I don’t know about you but I can’t talk on two phones at once. The way I see it, our landlines are portable. I don’t miss the election calls one bit, and we rarely ever receive unwanted calls on our cell phones.

However I do miss a few landline features. One being that you always hear your landline ring. That can’t be said for our cell phones. I have missed many calls because either we left the phone in the bedroom or it’s on vibrate, either way making it impossible to hear or get to in time. This aggravates my friends and family when they’re trying to reach me and it’s frustrating for me to miss important calls and play phone tag constantly.

vtechThe VTech Connect to Cell Phone System with Caller ID uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your cell phone so that you can make and receive calls on a landline, whether you have one connected or not. We use this system to connect our cell phones only and it works great. I continue to be amazed. It’s like I have a landline without paying for one!

Just today, I received a cell call, complete with caller id on the VTech system even while my cell phone was on another floor in the house. I would have missed the call if I didn’t have this phone system.


The 2 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting is $59.95 with free shipping. It would certainly make a great gift for anyone who uses a cell phone at home alone or in conjunction with a landline.

We received a sample for consideration.

Originally published on 2013-08-21 by Heather at girl gone mom .