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VTech Cordless Telephone With Bluetooth For Multi-tasking

November 12, 2013

This post brought to you by VTech Communications. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you like to multi-task at home? Have you been frustrated when you missed an important call from your cell phone? Are you tired of your old telephone where you need to run for it to the other room of your house when it’s ringing? Situation like this is very familiar to any Moms out there. We anticipate phone calls everyday from our family, relatives and friends, and even appointment reminders that we don’t want to miss.

I’m excited to introduce you guys to this new DS6670-6C that I received from Vtech Phones. I’ve been eying for a cordless phone set that would replace our old phone line at home. We have the kind that has short coiled wire and my husband said it has been his telephone since graduate school. What really frustrates me is that I can’t hear it’s ring when I’m upstairs or doing laundry in the back room or even worse that the phone rings in the middle of my cooking in the kitchen.

This VTech DS6670-6C has 5 cordless handsets and 1 headset where you can connect it’s base to any of the five electric outlet or rooms in your house. May it be in the kitchen, laundry room, living room, and in your bedrooms. It’s also portable where you can take one into your garage when you decide to work on something there (as long as it is 30 feet away from the main hand set) and take it back inside your house. You can even connect your cellphone to it via bluetooth so that it can receive phone calls from your cellphone number and at the same time with your landline number. The important thing about it is that it’s main handset (the one with a headset) needs to be connected with your landline or dsl filter at all times. You need to charge it at least 3 hours before using it or when you got it the first time.

I didn’t hesitate to Like VTech on Facebook and Follow VTech on Twitter the first time I read about them from another blog a couple of months ago. I encourage you to do so too, so that you will know more about their product and save money when you get promotional codes. It was a dream come true that I can finally receive and answer calls as quickly as possible! Thank you Vtech Phones!


My husband love using this headset. He was receiving calls while washing dishes in our kitchen when I took this picture.


This picture shows that it received 2 messages via its answering machine. My husband’s cellphone is also connected to it via bluetooth so he doesn’t need to reach his phone from his pocket or if he left it upstairs in our bedroom. It also has intercom where you can call someone near the other hand set from the other room. It also has loud speakers. Anyhow, you can get your own DS6670-6C EXCLUSIVELY online at www.vtechphones.com. It was $189.95 but now on sale for $129.95, save $60 bucks! Check out this short video to get a visual info on how it works at home or in your small office.

Originally published on 2013-11-12 by Admin at The Jolly Toes .