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VTech DS6670-6C Connect to Cell Phone System & Cordless Headset

November 15, 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of VTech Communications. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm so excited to share a new technology product that I'm absolutely loving. We received a VTech DS6670-6C Connect to Cell Phone System (with cordless headset) for review and it's awesome!!  It makes my sometimes crazy, mutli-tasking mom life just a little bit easier throughout the day – and I love things that make life easier.

Ever accidentally leave your cell phone in the other room and miss calls? Or, leave it on silent and miss calls? Maybe you're like me and the phone sometimes goes missing during the day (thanks to "mommy brain" or little ones who have helped themselves to your phone)…and then you miss calls because you can't find it. Or, do you have a dead zone in your house where your cell phone just never seems to work? The VTech DS6670-6C phone system can help any of that! Seriously, all, this phone system is SO cool! And, you don’t even need a landline to take advantage of this phone! You can use this system with any BLUETOOTH®-enabled cellular phone!

With just the touch of a button, you can connect up to two cell phone lines to the VTech DS6670-6C system (which has 5 handsets & a cordless headset)! Seriously, it took 5 seconds to do! This technology totally amazes me! You can make and receive cell phone calls through the home phone system (again, with or without a landline). We actually have a landline, so it is really cool to see how the phone handles all the calls. We don't have caller id on our landline, but when a call comes in from my cell phone, the number comes up on the phone and there is actually a voice that reads the number (so you can hear who is calling from another room)! LOVE that!! In addition, you can set the cordless phone to play your iPhoneR (iOS4.1 or later) ringtone. Fun!

The Connect to Cell technology is really cool all by itself, but what really makes the functionality of this VTech phone system amazing is the cordless headset! There are SO many times during the day where my hands are full, like… typing up these lovely blog posts, taking photos, editing photos, cooking, changing diapers, etc. The "trying to balance the phone on your shoulder" trick gets old (and sometimes hurts your neck) and I don't always want my cell on speakerphone. So, the cordless headset is a great solution! It's AWESOME for multi-tasking during the day (which is what I do all day long)!

Still not sure how this all works? Here's a video about the VTech® DS6671-3 system (which is the same, just fewer handsets than the DS6670-6C) to give you a better feel for this cool technology:

Neat, huh?! To talk more about the VTech DS6670-6C Connect to Cell Phone System, I'm co-hosting a#VTechConnect Twitter Party with on Monday, November 18th from 7:00-8:00pm ET. So, be sure to follow along with the #VTechConnect hashtag and join us on Twitter on Monday night. We'll be giving away some of these awesome phone systems! So, I hope we'll see you there! Be sure to Follow VTech on Twitter and make sure you're following me (Mom Endeaovrs) on Twitter too!

You can purchase the VTech DS6670-6C system EXCLUSIVELY online at www.vtechphones.com. For more info, you can also Like VTech on Facebook.

What do YOU think would be best about this phone system?


Originally published on 2013-11-15 by Sara at Mom Endeavors .