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VTech IS7100 lets you know who's calling, and who's at the door

July 09, 2013

<p 0px=""><img alt="" left="" src="http://cdn-media.vtechphones.com/in-the-news/logos/2013/July/vtech-is7100-lets-you-know-whos-calling-and-whos-at-the-door/coolest.jpg" /></p> <p 0px="">These days, most tech-savvy people have ditched the landline phone in favor of something they can keep with them at all times. Personally, I&rsquo;ve not had a home phone in five or six years. My grandparents, however, will probably never get rid of theirs. So why not get them a phone that does a little more than place calls?</p> <p 0px="">&nbsp;</p> <p 0px="">This&nbsp;<a href="http://www.vtechphones.com/doorbell" rgb="">VTech IS7100</a>&nbsp;does everything that you&rsquo;d expect from a cordless phone. But it&rsquo;s got one special little feature that sets it apart from the pack. When the phone rings, you&rsquo;re able to look at it, and see exactly who is calling. But what about when someone knocks at your door? Well this phone will also tell you who&rsquo;s there. No, it&rsquo;s not going to give them the name of the person, but it will show you live video feed. What&rsquo;s more, you can activate a two-way speaker, if you want to tell them something.</p> <p 0px="">Have you ever wondered if you&rsquo;ve had visitors while you&rsquo;ve been away? This phone also has you covered there. It takes a still image of everyone who comes to your door, and stores them in a log for you to look at later.</p> <p 0px="">If you want your own cordless phone that also streams video from your porch, then you&rsquo;ll be able to get two handsets, the base unit, and the doorbell for $120. You can get extra handsets for $30, an an additional doorbell for $50.</p>

Originally published on 2013-07-09 by Chris at Coolest Gadgets .