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VTech: video doorbell cordless phone system Review

June 12, 2013

About Them: For more than 35 years, we’ve known superior products begin with premium parts. That’s why we don’t compromise—from design and production to sales and support, we’ve done our research with you in mind. Using high-quality materials, we create each and every system in our ISO- and 5S-compliant manufacturing center. From start to finish, products are tested with stringent quality standards and with a strong emphasis on safety.

Doorbell Phones

Doorbell Phones

This is the best invention ever, VTech just made everyone’s day with these phones. This video doorbell cordless phone system is awesome. Comes with everything you need to ignore those solicitors. I don’t know about you, but I hate when people ring my doorbell or knock on my door. For me it requires, open and close baby gate, walk down stairs and up stairs. What a hassle for something you know you wont want, need, or care about. Also when your in your PJ’s or just enjoying your morning or evening, you wont want to get up for something useless..I had my fair share of solicitors ignore me, and try their hardest to keep chatting, and then want into your house, to foam clean your carpets. These people would NOT leave and they just kept coming and coming, it was a quite annoying adventure.

Now with this handy phone. Comes with everything you need to make this process easy. Just place batteries into doorbell box, then hook it up to your doorbell. Hook up the phones, and when people come to your door to ring your doorbell, it will go right to your phone, picture, person, and you can chat right to them from your phone. They offer 2 phones with this box, so if your in your bedroom, or kitchen you will be able to answer this from any remote location. Also another great feature, gone at work? These people ring your doorbell, it will store up to 100 pictures per phone now that is neat I must say. I also love this camera feature, it will record any picture of anyone who pushes that button.

Since we got this phone set, I have been able to ignore, and answer many people who came to my door, just from sitting at my couch.. Also the funniest thing is the look on these people faces, when you answer them through the box, they are like wait what where is this coming from. Almost like a fun toy in itself! This phone is awesome and everyone needs one who hates answering the door.

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Originally published on 2013-06-12 by Tiffany at Tiffany Reviews it All .