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VTech’s Cordless Phone Monitors Your Home With Sensors

January 19, 2016

Unlike other solutions currently on the market, VTech’s Wireless Monitoring System uses Ultra Low Energy (ULE) technology, the new standard for wireless devices based on the DECT 6.0 platform, which provides greater reliability and range with reduced interference.

5 coolest security tech seen at CES 2016

January 06, 2016

VTech showed off its wireless home monitoring system, which is so smart it can also turn on and off and dim your lights as well, from an app. 

Panasonic, VTech Enter Home-Automation Fray

February 02, 2015

This article discusses how VTech continues to offer consumers the highest quality devices on the market. It details our new wireless monitoring system that will feature ULE technology and include several home monitoring sensors, Wi-Fi cameras, baby monitor, IP hub, cordless phone monitoring solution, smart plugs and lightbulbs. The system will ensure consumers are connected in any way that fits their lifestyles and needs. Read more at: (http://www.twice.com/panasonic-vtech-enter-home-automation-fray/55851)

DECT-ULE Wireless Standard Arrives

February 02, 2015

This article discusses VTech’s use of ULE technology for our new wireless home monitoring products. This technology is quickly becoming the new standard for wireless devices because it’s easy to install and use, energy efficient, extra secure, has the longest range available and is super affordable. Read more at: (http://www.twice.com/dect-ule-wireless-standard-arrives/55850)