Internet Radio



Wi-Fi Internet Radio

The VTech IS9181 Wi-Fi internet radio opens your ears to a world of possibilities.

The IS9181 is an amazing device that has received exceptional reviews since we launched it last Summer. This music hub for the home streams over 11,000 internet radio stations from around the globe, for free. All you need to have is Wi-Fi internet access at your home, apartment or even your office. Choose from a wide range of genres, from classic rock to classical, talk radio to sports and everything in between. It also has a built in FM radio, allows easy access to plug in your MP3 player and even gives you weather updates. You can place it anywhere that has WiFi access and leave your computer behind. It has 2 speakers and subwoofer, providing sound that distances itself from the competition the moment you turn it on. Take a few minutes and check out the demo or other features and you will see why this device is turning heads everywhere.


A world of music at your fingertips, from Salsa in Spain to the Hula in Hawaii let the IS9181 take you there.


Tired of listening to the game on your computer? Listen in style anywhere your Wi-Fi network can reach.

Talk Radio

Limited reception to your local broadcasts? Listen to your favorite talk radio show in crystal clear clarity in the office or on the patio.


Want to stay connected to home? Keep connected to News, Sports, & Music from your home country.