ErisBusinessSystem® Accessory Cordless Handset


Requires a Main Console (UP416) or Extension Deskset (UP406) to operate. (Each main console and extension deskset can support only 1 cordless handset (UP407).)

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  • Cordless mobility
    Cordless mobility
    Stay connected even when you're on the move in the office. The cordless handset extends your mobility.
  • 4-line operation
    4-line operation
    Manage calls from 1- 4 telephone lines simultaneously.
  • Intercom
    Instantly communicate with the other desksets and handsets in the system—no delays, just increased productivity.
  • Cordless handset speakerphone
    Cordless handset speakerphone
    Free up your hands to do other things while you keep the conversation going.
UP407 - Accessory Cordless Handset
Please Note:
  • Each ErisBusinessSystem telephone system requires only one UP416 Main Console to operate and supports a maximum of 15 UP406 Extension Desksets.
  • The UP407 Accessory Cordless Handset must be registered to either one UP416 Main Console or UP406 Extension Deskset to function.
  • Each UP407 Accessory Cordless Handset shares the same extension number with the UP416 Main Console or UP406 Extension Deskset it's been registered to and will function as an audio accessory.
  • If the parent unit (UP416 Main Console or UP406 Extension Deskset) is already on a call, the registered UP407 can only take over the audio from the parent when used instead of establishing a new call.
  • You cannot register 2 or more UP407 Accessory Cordless Handsets to one UP416 Console or one UP406 Extension Deskset. Make sure you have purchased the UP416 Console and enough UP406 Extension Desksets.