Earning Rewards Points

When can I begin earning points?
How can I earn VTech Rewards points?


Purchase Products at vtechphones.com
You will be credited with 10 points for every US dollar you spend on the vtechphones.com website when you check out.

10 per $1 spent

Register a Purchased Product
Register your VTech product online to earn points.


Referred friends purchase products at vtechphones.com
You will earn points whenever your referred friends register for the VTech Rewards Program and make purchases on vtechphones.com.

10 per $10 spent

Coming Soon

Purchase Products at vtechkids.com
You will be credited with 10 points for every US dollar you spend on the vtechkids.com website when you check out.

10 per $1 spent

Submit a Product Review
Write a review about the VTech product you are using now to instantly earn VTech points.


Watch a Product Video
Watch a complete video about a new product.


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Where are my points?

You can visit My VTech Points to review your account activity and redemption history.

How do I report missing points?

Please contact our customer service department at rewards@vtechphones.com.

Can my family or friends use my membership so I'll earn the points?

Yes, anyone you choose to share your account login and password with will have full access to your account. Therefore, if your friends and family are using your account to make online purchases, all their Rewards points will be allocated to your account. However, it is your responsibility to maintain the secrecy of your account login and password information. VTech is not liable for any losses incurred from unauthorized access. For more detail, please read our complete Terms and Conditions.

When do points appear for my VTech purchases?

Points will appear approximately 24 hours from the date of purchase (or from when a VTech order is shipped). Points typically become available approximately 24 hours after the transaction date.

What purchases are not eligible for earning Rewards points?

Non-qualifying purchases include, but are not limited to:

  • Offline retail purchases (You will not earn purchase points for these products but may register them to earn registration points.)
  • Purchases for business use
  • Charges including but not limited to sales tax and shipping charges, etc.
  • Other exceptions may also apply
When do points expire?

Rewards points earned from VTech or our subsidiaries and affiliates will expire after 48 months. Once Rewards points have expired in accordance with the Program, they will not be reinstated under any circumstances.

What happens to my Rewards points when I return an item?

Once you have returned an item, your Rewards points will be deducted from your account.

Can I return my redeemed item?

Once merchandise, gift certificates or gift cards have been redeemed, no changes or refunds are permitted.

Can I redeem my points for cash?

Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Can I transfer my points?

No, points may not be transferred or sold.