Expandable Cordless Phone with Bluetooth Connect to Cell, Smart Call Blocker, Answering System, and 5" Color Base Display


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  • 5" Color Base Display

    Manage your communication with this ultra-clear 5" color base display. Soft keys on the side & bottom of the screen make it easy to access the functions of the phone.
  • Smart Call Blocker

    Say goodbye to unwanted calls. Robocalls on your landline are automatically blocked from ever ringing through—even the first time.
  • Connect to Cell™

    Make and receive calls from your cellular plan while enjoying the comforts of a home phone. Pair up to 2 cell phones and connect 2 cell phones or one cell phone and one BLUETOOTH headset for use with landline calls.
  • Digital Answering System

    With up to 40 minutes of recording time, the digital answering system grabs calls when you can't. Rich information (ie message date, time, caller ID, phone number) are all displayed in a single screen on the base unit.
  • Caller ID Announce

    The handset and base announce the name of the caller, so you don't have to scramble for the handset to see who's calling.
  • Personalized feature shortcuts

    Assign shortcuts on the large base display for quick access to the features that are most important to you. Have one touch access to an important contact, messages, call history, timer, etc..
  • Full Duplex Handset and Base Speakerphone

    Enjoy a speakerphone that can keep up with your calls. Increase participation by allowing both ends to speak and be heard at the same time, for conversations that are more true to life.
  • Colorful lifestyle wallpaper options for base display
  • User friendly soft key shortcuts
  • Siri®, S Voice® and Google Now™ access
  • Downloadable 1,200 name and number phonebook directory
  • 1,000 name and number smart call block list
  • Push-to-talk
  • Countdown timer
  • Expandable up to 5 handsets with only one phone jack - accessory handset sold separtely
  • Digital answering system
  • 40 minutes of digital recording time
  • Rich information (ie message date, time, caller ID, phone number) are all displayed in a single screen on the base unit.
  • Call screening
  • Call intercept
  • Remote access
  • Message retrieval from handset
  • Message time stamp
  • Caller ID/call waiting—50 name and number caller ID history
  • Quiet mode
  • ECO mode power-conserving technology
  • Extra-large display for easy viewing
  • Big Buttons
  • Table- and wall-mountable (wall mount sold separately on vtechphones.com)
  • High-contrast backlit LCD and lighted keypad
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • Conference between an outside line and up to 4 cordless handsets
  • Intercom between handsets and base unit
  • 1,200 name and number phonebook directory
  • Volume control
  • Voicemail waiting indicator
  • Quick access key for voicemail box
  • Last 10 number redial
  • Mute
  • Any key answer
  • English/Spanish/French setup menu
  • Cordless Battery BT262342


    • Compatible with these models: CS5109-x, CS5119-x, CS5129-x, CS5158-x, CS5159-x, CS5329-x, CS5309, CS6109-x, CS6114-x, CS6124-x, CS6199-x, CS6509-x, CS6519-x, CS6519-x, CS6529-x, CS6609-x, CS6619-x, CS6629-x, CS6648-x, CS6649-x, CS6709-x, CS6719-x, CS6729-x, CS6758-x, CS6759-x, CS6829-x, CS6858-x, CS6859-x, CS6909-x, CS6919-x, CS6929-x, CS6948-x, CS6949-x, DS6072-x, DS6501-x, DS6511-x, DS6521-x, DS6522-x, DS6601-x, DS660V-x, DS6641-x, DS6700-x, DS6722-x, DS6752-x, DS6771-x, VS112-x, VS113-x, VG101-x, VG208-x, VG104-x, VG131-x, VG134-x

    Current price: $9.95

  • Wall mount for IS8251 series


    Current price: $5.00

  • Accessory Handset with Bluetooth Connect to Cell, and Smart Call Blocker


    • Accessory handset only
    • Connect to Cell™
    • Smart Call Blocker

    Current price: $22.95