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Cordless Battery BT8300


  • Compatible with VTech models: 6030, 6031, 6032, 6041, 6042, 6043, 6052, 6053, ip8300, EMBARQ eGo, and the Cincinnati Bell Smart Home Phone

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Cordless Battery BT283482


  • Compatible with VTech models: DS6421-2, DS6421-3, DS6421-4, DS6401, DS6401-16, DS6422-4, DS6401, LS6425, LS6425-2, LS6425-3, LS6425-4, LS6426-3, LS6475-2 and LS6475-3


Cordless Battery BT283342


  • Compatible with VTech models: CS6114, CS6124, CS6309, CS6319, CS6328, CS6329, CS6409, CS6419, CS6429, DS6071, DS6670, DS6671, DS6672, DS6673, DS667V, LS6305, LS6315, LS6325, LS6326, SN6107, SN6127, SN6147, SN6187, SN6196 and SN6197 series


Li-ion Polymer replacement battery BT291665


  • Compatible with models: VCS704 and VCS754


Battery BT290576 for VTech IS6200 headset


  • Compatible with VTech models: IS6200