VTech Contact Share

Use the Contact Share app* to select phonebook entries from your Android phone and add them to your Connect to Cell™ system. Haven’t cleaned up your mobile directory in a while? No problem. By allowing you to handpick which names and numbers you want to download, Contact Share ensures you’ll have the most important—and most recent—contacts on hand.

Download on Google Play (for Android OS 2.1 or higher)

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* App compatible with the following VTech models:
 DS6421-2, DS6421-26, DS6421-3, DS6421-4, DS6422-3, DS6422-4, DS6472-6, DS6521, DS6521-2, DS6521-3, DS6521-4, DS6522-3, DS6522-32, DS6522-4, DS6641,
 DS6641-2, LS6191-17