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Soothers in Healthcare

Evidence-based research shows that music therapy promotes healthy brain function and is key to premature infant’s developmental milestones. Hearing soothing sounds, music and their mother’s voice can help stimulate an infant’s neurological response to de-stress. With Soothers, healthcare facilities and hospitals can now utilize these findings to improve patient satisfaction and overall health. Because infants in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) need not only medical support but emotional support, we can bring them one step closer to being released and going home where they belong.

Benefits of Soothers

Enables Essential Child Developmental Milestones

Sound therapy and personalized voice messages are proven to help NICU infants relax, which improves their feeding and empowers their development process.

Supports Parents Attempts to Bond with Their Baby

While the infant is in the NICU, parents can use Soothers to comfort their child with the sounds of their voices. This provides both the parents and baby the opportunity to bond when they cannot physically be together.

Improves Patient Satisfaction

Research-based literature proves that music therapy and personalized voice messages can help infants in the NICU recover faster. This benefits the infant, its parents, and the dedicated staff committed to nursing their patients so they can spend less time at the hospital and more time at home where they belong.

Heather Ambrose
I would recommend music therapy and soothers to help with the developmental milestone and stimulations moving forward for any infant or child in a hospital setting.
Heather Ambrose
Director of Nursing at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital

How Music Therapy Can Help Infants Heal While In the NICU

Increases Feeding Abilities
Calms & Quiets in Times of Stress
Alleviates High Heart & Respiratory Rates
Enables relaxation for Better Sleep
Promotes Healthy Brain Function
Empowers Developmental Milestones
Maribeth McLaughin
The VTech Soothers help bridge the gap for families and the medical community.
Maribeth McLaughin
VP of Operations at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital

Wyatt the Whale®

Help soothe infants in NICU with Wyatt the Whale Storytelling Soother. This whale-shaped baby soother has a built in glow-on-ceiling night light, plays up to 40 minutes of stories and comes ready with 10 lullabies and 10 soothing sounds, including white noise and a trickling stream. For new stories or songs, simply download them on the free app. Plus, the best part is you can easily record personalized messages and play them for your baby when you can’t be there.

Enables Essential Child Developmental Milestones

What makes the Wyatt app really special is the voice-recording feature. Pick from one of the 18 free scripts and record yourself reading the story aloud. Your little one will feel like you’re right there even when you can’t be.

Easy Set-up App

All you need to do is connect Wyatt the Whale to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and you’re ready to start downloading new stories and sounds.

Soothe Baby with a Gentle Lullaby

Wyatt comes ready with 10 calming lullabies and 10 soft ambient sounds, like a trickling stream and white noise, to help baby relax.

Soothe Baby with Preloaded Stories

This soother comes with 60 minutes of preloaded stories to help your baby drift off to dreamland.

Glow-on-Ceiling Night Light

Soft light shines through the top of Wyatt’s back, projecting a starry night scene onto the ceiling. Plus you can choose from 3 relaxing colors to help baby sleep.

Wyatt the Whale Storytelling Soother App

The storytelling soother app lets you swap out stories, and gives you access to more sounds and songs to keep baby entertained. Best of all, they’re all free.

Tommy the Turtle®

Meet Tommy the Turtle®. Soother with a little something extra to help baby get the sweetest sleep night after night. Play up to 60 minutes of preloaded songs, sounds and even stories, or use the free app to record your own special stories or messages.

Soothing Storyteller

Choose from 10 stories and help baby drift off to dreamland. A gentle voice reads new and classic tales for up to 40 minutes of story time.

Sweet Songs and Sounds

Tommy comes ready with 10 calming lullabies and 10 soft ambient sounds, like a washing machine and gentle shushing to help baby relax.

Dimmable Soft-glow Night Light

Tommy’s belly lets out gentle light to soothe your little one in the dark. By dimming or brightening with the button on his carapace, you can create just the right atmosphere for your baby.

Auto-off Timer

With the Auto-off timer set the soother to shut off after 60 minutes so you don’t have to sneak into the nursery once baby is asleep.

Downloadable Stories, Sounds and Lullabies

The free Tommy the Turtle Storyteller app lets you add or change stories to keep baby entertained night after night. Plus, you’ll have access to more sounds and lullabies to build your own soothing soundtrack.

Record Your Own Stories and Message

Help baby feel close to you even when you can’t be there by recording your own voice for them to doze off to. Find a script in the free app, or calm your little one by making up a story of your own.

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