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Audio Baby

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can hear your baby's every sound.

Audio Baby Monitors
Whether you're preparing dinner in the kitchen or tidying up the living room, don't worry whether your little one is happy. Clearly listen to every sweet giggle your baby makes. And know that all of our audio monitors come with safe and secure transmission, which prevents anyone other than you from listening in.
Audio Baby Monitors With Sensors
Watch over your baby with these one-of-a-kind systems. By adding motion and open/closed sensors, you can receive alerts if your child is somewhere off-limits. Plus, each system's baby unit projects stars and the moon onto the ceiling and plays a lullaby to help with nighttime fussiness.
Audio Baby Monitors With Glow-On-Ceiling Night Lights
These affordable systems offer a little something extra. You get many of the best features of our other audio monitors, plus a built-in lullaby and glow-on-ceiling night light to soothe your little one to sleep.
Audio Baby Monitors With Enhanced Features
Stay connected with your little one from another room or even outside. These monitors give you peace of mind, anywhere, anytime with features including 1,000 feet of range, a handle that doubles as a night light and a rechargeable battery on the parent unit.
Audio Baby Monitors With Standard Features
Hear your child with a range of up to 1,000 feet and rest assured you'll hear their every call. Totally digital transmission cuts down on annoying static and feedback from other wireless devices, so the only sounds you'll hear are your baby's.