Choose VTech for:
Peace of mind

Know whether your baby is safe and happy. Clearly hear and see your baby’s sweet sounds on large parent units—some even with 5-inch, high-definition touch screens. With our Wi-Fi monitors, easily check in from any location from an app on your smartphone.


Move around freely at home, or anywhere outside the house, while remaining connected to your baby. Our monitors offer extended range within your home, and some transform your smartphone into a remote parent unit for on-the-go viewing.

The whole picture

Memories are made in just seconds. Features like pan, tilt and wide-angle viewing follow your little one as they reach milestones outside the crib like crawling and exploring from one corner to the next. When your family grows, simply add more cameras for extra coverage.

A happy baby

Soothe your baby with the sound of your voice from virtually anywhere. Most of our monitors include two-way talk, a way to comfort your little one from another room—or from hundreds of miles away. Plus, lullabies and night lights on some of our monitors will serenade them to sleep.