V-Hush™ Mini Sleep Trainer Soother Speaker


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  • Edutainment Enriched Preloaded Content

    Pre-Programmed with 10 Stories, 10 Classical songs, 10 Lullabies, and 10 Natural Sounds
  • Glow-on-Ceiling Projector

    Choose from three different colors to enforce sleep time
  • One-Touch Multi-Color Night Light

    Choose from over 250 colors to personalize and perfect your baby’s sleep environments
  • Sleep Program

    A complete program from a global sleep expert combines, light, sounds, and tips to encourage healthy sleep habits for your child
  • Record your own Audio Content

    Record their favorite story or song in familiar voice to please and sooth them more effectively. With our free app you can easily record and upload content in your own voice such as songs, stories, etc.
  • Bluetooth Speaker

    Play sounds, music, or stories preset in the free smartphone app or stream music from your favorite music app directly through the speaker