V-Hush™ Plug Sleep Trainer Soother Speaker


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  • One-Touch Multi-Color Night Light

    Choose from over 250 colors to personalize and perfect your baby’s sleep environments
  • Edutainment Enriched Preloaded Content

    Pre-Programmed with 10 Stories, 10 Classical songs, 10 Lullabies, and 10 Natural Sounds
  • Sleep Program

    A complete program from a global sleep expert combines, light, sounds, and tips to encourage healthy sleep habits for your child
  • Bluetooth Speaker

    Play sounds, music, or stories preset in the free smartphone app or stream music from your favorite music app directly through the speaker
  • Power-outlet mounting

    No batteries or power cords needed. Plugs directly into a power outlet.
  • Record your own Audio Content

    With our free app you can easily record and upload content in your own voice such as songs, stories, etc.