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This holiday season, give your friends and family something they'll love—and actually use—for years to come. We've curated a gift guide to please everyone in your family. And at affordable prices, you can treat yourself, too.

For large households

Ideal for busy households, this system lets anyone connect Bluetooth®-enabled cell phones to the handsets. Loved ones will appreciate receiving cell calls with the ease of a home phone system—with or without a landline. Giftees can place the base unit where cellular reception is best, and make and receive calls anywhere in the home.
The system also beeps when it detects a text, email or social media update from some cell phone models.
DS662V-1G + one DS660V-1G + two DS660V-1H
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For new parents

Parents care about the well-being and happiness of their little ones. A video baby monitor can help a parent stay connected to their baby, even from another room. Any mom or dad will love this adorable system that's both stylish and functional for the nursery and another room. The large, 4.3-inch LCD makes it easy for parents to see every little move, and built-in lullabies are an extra treat.
VM346-19 + one VM315-15

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Features like high-resolution video, a temperature sensor and automatic night vision let the parents on your list keep an eye on their little ones as they explore and grow. Plus, all the cameras can be used at once thanks to split-screen viewing capability.
VM321-2 + one VM301
VM321-2 + one VM301

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For the tech-savvy

Help friends and family stay connected and protect their privacy at home. Because the system comes with an outdoor video camera they'll know who's at the door without having to get up. It's also a great gift for families with young children coming and going with friends.
IS7121-2 + three IS7101

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For mobile users

Great for mobile-only households or those with both cells and landlines on your shopping list, this phone brings cellular and landline calls together. A cordless headset makes hands-free easier than ever.

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For the home

Anyone who appreciates vintage design will love this retro phone, inspired by classic corded rotary phones. Even though the design is old-school, the phone's features are far from it. Connect to Cell technology lets you receive cell and/or landline calls from one home phone—with or without a landline.
LS6191 + two LS6001 + one LS6001-17

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For the homeowner

Home is where the heart is. And for most homeowners, people and pets come and go throughout the day. With our home monitoring system, the homeowner, or whoever is in charge, can enjoy the ultimate in peace of mind. They'll receive voice alerts from a cordless answering system when something needs attention. Think a wide-open garage door or an open medicine cabinet.
VC7151 + one VC7100 + one VC7002

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For the busy family

Help loved ones stay on top of it all with a gift that has them covered. The 5 handsets just need one phone jack to operate, so set up is a breeze. It's easy to know who called with the digital answering system right on the base.
TR16-2013 + one TR02-2013 + one TR05-2013 + one TR08-2013 + one TR07-2013

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