Terms and conditions of the VTech® Rewards Program

This program is effective as of January 4, 2012 for VTech telephone products, and effective on a date to be announced later for VTech educational children’s products. Program details and information are available at: www.vtechphones.com and inquiries for can be sent to: rewards@vtechphones.com.

The VTech® Rewards Program ("Program") membership and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of VTech Communications, Inc. ("VTech", "us", "our", or "we") and its subsidiaries and affiliates which are members of the VTech communications group brands. When you enroll in the Program , you can collect reward points by dealing with participating subsidiaries and affiliates, and you can redeem the reward points in your user account for promotion codes, merchandise, gift certificates, discounts and other Rewards ("Rewards") provided by VTech.

Participation in the Program

Enrollment, membership and all related benefits of the Program are offered at our discretion. By enrolling in the Program or taking action to collect reward points, you agree that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and are bound by all of them, as they may be revised from time to time, and you consent to our collection and limited use of your personal information in accordance with our privacy commitment (see below). Membership in the Program is available to individuals (you) as stated in these Program Terms and Conditions. To enroll, you must be at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in your state of residence in the United States of America, whichever is older. Companies and/or other intangible entities cannot enroll. There is no enrollment fee for this Program. If we accept your application for enrollment, we will establish an account in your name. The Program, including all reward points and all rights relating to them, is and will remain our property. You may not sell, exchange, give, charge or otherwise dispose of any reward point. Points do not have any cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Any reward points which expire unused shall have no cash value. No points may be transferred or sold, other than through the proper participation in this program.

Committed to your privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We collect and use your personal information to: (i) administer the Program, including the management of accounts, to accurately record and update reward point balances; (ii) process user redemptions, including the issuance of Rewards and certificates; (iv) communicate information and offers, as necessary, to users, sponsors and suppliers; (v) understand and analyze users' responses, needs and preferences; (vi) develop, enhance, market and/or provide products and services to meet those needs; and (vii) enable users to participate in promotions and contests.

VTech Communications Inc., the owner and operator of VTech Rewards, promises to share your data only inside the “VTech communications group brands.” of partners participating in the Program. We will not share your personal information outside of the Program for marketing purposes without your express permission.

We reserve the right to share your personal information as may be required by law or court order, or to ensure compliance with the Program's Terms and Conditions, or in cooperation with law enforcement to protect the rights, property or safety of VTech, its customers and employees.

We also bind all companies participating in the VTech Rewards Program to our privacy standards and confidentiality rules, which means they are not allowed to share VTech Rewards information with anyone outside the VTech Rewards Program for marketing purposes.

We also limit access to your personal data by companies participating in VTech Rewards. For example, we will not release your personally identifying information (name, email address) to VTech Rewards participants except as part of a mailing list that we create on their behalf to bring you VTech Rewards-approved offers only. VTech Rewards participating companies agree in writing to return or destroy the list after its originally approved use has been met.

In the unlikely event that our business is transferred to a new owner, user’s personal information will be given to and considered an asset of the new owner.

Redemption of reward points

You can use the vtechphones.com or vtechkids.com internet websites to redeem reward points for Rewards. Points and Program Rewards may only be redeemed once the user has filled in all of the required profile fields and completed their enrollment including activation of account. We recommend redeeming as early as possible as availability of some Rewards may be limited. Reward points earned from VTech or our subsidiaries and affiliates will expire after 48 months, once reward points have expired in accordance with the Program, they will not be reinstated under any circumstances. You are responsible to keep track of the expiration date of your reward points.

Anyone who knows your user account login and password will have full access to your user account, and may change the address associated with your account and redeem accumulated reward points. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your user account login and password, for all activities that occur using your user account login and password. You are also responsible for notifying us of any unauthorized use of your account. We are not responsible or liable in any way for any loss arising from your failure to comply with these provisions. Account balances and reward point amounts required to obtain a particular reward are subject to verification by vtechphones.com or vtechkids.com. Once merchandise, gift certificates or gift cards have been redeemed, no changes or refunds whatsoever are permitted. All Rewards are subject to availability and restrictions imposed by VTech. We assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, defect, injury, death or expense relating to any reward, or for your Rewards not turning out as you expected for whatever reason.

Reward points are stored in each individual’s user account respectively and cannot be transferred from one account to another under any circumstances. Any attempt to defraud the Program will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and could result in the termination of the user’s participation in the program, including the forfeiture of any earned reward points.

Business users

Users who wish to collect VTech reward points in the course of making business expenditures may not enroll as account users in the VTech reward Program. If we determine that a user account is a business, or is for the benefit of a business, and is using our Rewards Program for business purposes, we may, at our option, terminate the user account, together with the information collected and reward points earned, in which case such user will cease to be an account user for the VTech Rewards Program.

Limitation of liability

Neither we, our affiliates, nor any of our or their respective employees, officers or directors have any responsibility or liability for any expense, loss, cost, injury, damage, accident or any other matter whatsoever (collectively, "costs"), however suffered or caused (including compensatory, incidental, indirect, special, punitive, consequential or exemplary damages or damages for loss of income or profits), directly or indirectly arising out of or related to (i) the Program or participation in the Program; (ii) any failure, delay or decision by us in administering the Program or amending these terms and conditions or the basis on which you can redeem reward points; (iii) unauthorized use of your user account; (iv) any offers, representations, statements or claims about the Program of VTech or any participating subsidiaries and affiliates or their products or services, made by a participating subsidiaries and affiliates or any other person; or (v) the purchases, redemptions for or use of any goods or services of VTech or participating subsidiaries and affiliates. This applies even if we or our representatives are advised of the possibility of such costs. In such cases when the purchases are refunded or exchanged, reward points will not be credited to the users account. Once reward points are used to redeem Rewards, the Rewards points will not be credited back to the user under any circumstances.

Termination, changes and breach

We may change these terms and conditions, any aspect of the Program including registration conditions, redemption procedures or any Rewards in any respect, all without notice, even though changes may affect the value of reward points already accumulated. For current terms and conditions and other Program details and information, visit www.vtechphones.com or www.vtechkids.com. For example, we may add, delete or change Rewards or use of reward points, certificates or Rewards; redemption conditions or procedures; the number of Rewards available or the number of reward points required for particular Rewards. If no reward points are recorded in your account for 48 months, or if you misrepresent any information, violate any terms and conditions, abuse your Program privileges or act in any other way to the detriment of us, our subsidiaries and affiliates or the Program, we may disclose such information requested by proper authorities, terminate your enrollment and/or cancel your reward points, Rewards and user account. If reward points or Rewards expire or are cancelled for any reason, they shall become void without compensation or value.

In the event that you deactivate your user account for Vtech Rewards Program your information including your email address, order history etc. will be kept deactivated in our system for 12 months. The same email cannot be used to login or create a Vtech Rewards Program under any circumstances. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. We strictly keep your information within the “VTech communications group brands.” of partners participating in the Program. We will not share your personal information outside of the Program for marketing purposes without your express permission.

VTech reserves the right to modify the Program structure, benefits and other features, including these terms and conditions, or to terminate the loyalty Program at any time. Although VTech will use reasonable effort to notify members of material changes to the loyalty Program and/or to these terms and conditions, it is the responsibility of members to keep themselves up to date in respect of the loyalty Program and these terms and conditions. Any use of the loyalty Program by a member will be deemed as acceptance of any amendment. VTech and its subsidiaries and affiliates will not be liable for loss or damage resulting from any amendment to the loyalty Program or to these terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and VTech regarding your participation in the Program, your entitlement to collect and redeem reward points, and your entitlement to any other benefits of the Program. When you interact with us over the internet, you consent to the formation of contractual relations through electronic communications. We are the final authority as to the interpretation of these terms and conditions and as to any other questions or disputes regarding the Program or any reward. Unless we otherwise elect, any dispute regarding these terms and conditions, including validity, existence, binding effect, interpretation, performance, breach or termination, and including tort claims, shall be referred to and finally determined, to the exclusion of the courts, by a single arbitrator, in binding arbitration. The arbitration shall take place in Oregon, in English, in accordance with Oregon laws (except its choice of law rules). The arbitration shall be conducted in strict confidence with no disclosure to any person of the fact of the dispute or any aspect of the dispute except as necessary for resolution of the dispute. There is no membership fee associated with the VTech Rewards Program, Reward points and certificates have no cash, monetary or other value and cannot be converted into any currency. VTech reward points are usable towards promotion codes, merchandise, gift certificates, discounts and other Rewards. All materials and any notices from us will be sent to your address or email address, as those are stated in our records; please notify us if your mailing address or email address changes. The Program, all rules and terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Oregon, except its choice of law rules. If any provision of these terms and conditions is invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions. © 2011 VTech Communications, Inc.